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Cafe Orlin

EAST VILLAGE- 41 Saint Marks Place  New York, NY 10003

A lot of people ask each other: “What’s your favorite meal of the day?”. The answer can be one of 3 things, and we all know the choices. When people ask me that question, I always wish there was a fourth choice: brunch. There is almost nothing better than a Saturday or Sunday afternoon brunch in New York. Its an obligatory activity, and in my opinion, if you go to the right place, it can make your whole day and perhaps your whole weekend.

  Like everyone, I have my list of favorite spots, and as of 2 weeks ago, Cafe Orlin in the East Village joined that list. The first clue that this place is legit comes from the swath of people you will encounter on the sidewalk as you approach the restaurant on St. Mark’s place. They are waiting for a table and so will you. 

  After 40 minutes and a strong cup of coffee from Porto Rico Importing across the street, we were seated. The menu is pretty standard brunch fare that skews a bit Mediterranean/Middle Eastern. A quick scan of neighboring tables had me assume the menu favorites:

Diana’s breakfast: two eggs served with humus, tabouli, & pita

Pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon yogurt

I ordered the eggs blackstone which consists of: crisp bacon, oven roasted tomatoes, perfectly poached eggs and an ideal amount of hollandaise. This cost a mere 14.95, and it also got me incredible fresh squeezed orange juice, and a very nice cappuccino. Friends had eggs florentine and the pumpkin pancakes- both were very satisfied!

  We got out of there for under 20 dollars a piece and we were all stuffed to the brim. Get there, wait it out, and leave happy. Brunch at Cafe Orlin made my day and my weekend. 

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